Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vizio is the poor man's Flat Screen TV -- avoid them if you can

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When you are stuck on the RGB option on your Vizio or you get the blue screen and the warning "No Input" - Here is how to get out of that problem.

Vizio TVs have so many problems. They falsely promote their resolution as being higher than it really is.The TV picture quality is mediocre, not great. But the worse problem is that it has every kind of back input where you can plug in two HDMI, accessory modes and an RGB plug-in. The RGB plug-in is for old computers just in case you still have a crappy old reliable old computer with an RGB plug and you don't have a new laptop or even the iPad or iPad 2 -- the iPads are massively restrictive, too, and Steve Jobs made sure that in order to enjoy his ingenuity, you had to suffer through his selfish restrictions that prohibit things like Flash, or Outlook from working on his systems.

But back to Vizio, the lousy flat screen TVs that poor people purchase thinking they are saving money and getting decent quality. They won
t get decent quality. They will get all kinds of head aches.

The worst headache is when you switch using the remote from one input to another. Maybe you have a Cable Box and a Blue Ray plugged into the two HDMI inputs. I also have an old DVD/VHS player and have an HDMI splitter, which is hard to find but can be found in case you want to plug in more than two HDMI devices into any TV, Vizio or good ones.

(Vizio means Crappy in Italian, I think.)

Anyway, as you switch from "Component to component" you might discover that if you linger on the RGB Input option too long, the TV shuts off after displaying the warning "No Signal" on the crappy TV screen. (Remember, it has many component inputs and in order to switch from Cable to Blue Ray or DVD player, you have to change the "Input" option. In otherwords, you have to tell the TV where the signal is coming from.

When you switch and stop at RGB Input, and you stay on that option too long -- maybe trying to reduce the volume that you had to raise very high when playing the Blue Ray and you knew the Cable volume would double in volume just during the switch, you try to reduce the volume before switching to HDMI 1, or HDMI 2. And that's when the Vizio Quirck happens.

The TV shuts off.

And you keep waiting for the TV to "click" so that it signals that you can now turn the TV back on, because Vizio has a crappy system that requires a 10 second wait before turning a TV on that was just turned off.

So you turn the TV on and then you start clicking the Input button to change from RGB Input to HDMI 1 input, but you keep getting the "blue screen" and the words "No Signal" at the top of the screen. And then the TV turns itself off. Yes, the Vizio TV doesn't get a signal so they figure you are an idiot and it turns itself off.

What techno-moron came up with the? (Techies are morons who have no life and can program great software programs but have no idea how to make anything really user friendly or of full benefit to the consumer. They come close, but close only counts in horseshoes. ANd a Vizio TV is not a horseshoe game although you sometimes want to throw a steel horseshoe at the screen and toss it in the garbage.

But here is the SECRET to get past the stuck on the blue screen "no signal" problem. Instead of turning on the TV using the On and Off button, once 10 seconds passes, just hit the Input Button on the side of the TV and that will turn on the TV and automatically change to the next input system. If you get a "no signal" warning on your stupid Vizio blue screen, turn it on using the INPUT Key.

Maybe the morons who designed the Vizio TV would explain that in their operating manuals but I bet they don't use their products so they have no idea the kind of hassles consumers have to go through.

Have I made myself clear?

You will have this problem, so I hope you find this posting to help you resolve it.

If you click it on using the on-off button and then repeatedly try to change the Input either from the remote or the side of the TV, the TV will just go off.


-- Ray Hanania


  1. Slightly offensive to call it the poor persons television.

  2. Thank you...the Vizio help site and both do not have this answer as an option to getting out of the RGB mode, and they both tend to want you to buy new circuit boards, odd seeing how doing what you said worked like a charm.

  3. Thanks!! This is VERY helpful info. FYI...the Italian word "vizio" translates to mean "defect" in English. wow...LOL!

  4. My Vizio won't turn on by using the input button on the side - so I'm still stuck! Help!!!

  5. great answer, agree with everything you say including Apple, though I've owned everything they make since 80s, it just that Jobs with all faults easily trumps junk from Gates.

  6. I've owned a Vizio 42" for 6 years, it's still working great, just bought a Vizio 55" 3d for my daughter, and the picture blows my 42" away. I'm happy with Vizio.

  7. Looks like your problems might be between your couch and the TV. I have both a Samsung and Vizio, and the "off" feature exists on both. The Samsung has all of Vizio settings plus more, so you may not like it either. If I leave the TVs on with no input source, they will turn off. I like this feature, because when I turn my PC off the TV will automatically go off. When I turn my PC on, the TV will automatically come on. Dunno why anyone would dislike that.

    Your issues seem to be technical problems. It might be more accurate to say that the TV is not for idiots who are less technical lol.

  8. Anonymous above is missing the entire issue. The problem is Vizio has models of the TV that, when turned to an INPUT that is not connected, freezes the TV. Consumers should be very careful. This model has serious flaws and they won't see them until they purchase the TV. Despite the claims by the Vizio representatives here and elsewhere, Vizio is not like other TVs and this problem is unique to Vizio. Watch out people.

  9. Thanks. The input button power-up option fixed the problem. While I'm okay with the picture quality of my Vizio, their interface/controls/remote really are bottom of the barrel.

  10. Thank you for your help! Thought I had ruined my TV...after reading your post its working again!!

  11. Thank you so much!

  12. I have 3 Vizio TVs. The oldest is 9 years, the newest 4 years. I have had NO problem with any of them.
    Every problem that I thought was the TV turned out to be the cable box needing to be rebooted. I use one as my PC monitor as well as my sport TV.

  13. I have 3 Vizio TVs, a 32" and 2 47 inch. Every time I think I have a Tv problem, it turns out to be a cable box problem and rebooting solves it. The TVs have been great. The first is 9 years old, the second 8 and the newest 4. I use the newest as my PC monitor, Apple TV and my sports TV. No problem switching inputs.